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Other Soil Amendments

Other Soil Amendments

You may use chemical fertilizers in conjunction with P3, however, there is no need for them for several reasons: 

  1. there are plenty of macro nutrients in your soil already (perhaps from years of fertilizer use) and plenty of simple home remedies to easily replace them,
  2. P3’s Bacillus enables your plants to garner its nitrogen from the atmosphere
  3. try it and find out why!

Great Source of Potash is ... Ashes!
If you have a barbeque, wood burning stove, fireplace or fire pit, scatter the ashes around your garden. You’ll be amazed at the “bloom boosting” potency of the ashes.

Herbal Tea!
If you don’t compost, you can still benefit from the plant material (weeds, clippings, etc...) you are discarding. Put them in a large 10-gallon pail then just add water and set it in the sun. In a few days you’ll smell your tea, letting you know it’s done. Pour the tea in your garden. Then discard the plant material if you wish.

Compost & Worm Castings
Compost and worm castings are excellent sources of nutrients because they have been “digested” a bit either by bacteria on the plants’ surface area or the bacteria in a worm’s digestive track. You’ll still need the assistance, however, of P3’s Bacillus bacteria in your plants’ soil to aid in the further digestion and assimilation of these excellent nutrients.

Try P3 Prolific Plant Probiotic™ today and in 2-4 weeks you should see the difference. You’ll never buy chemical fertilizers again! P3 Prolific Plant Probiotic™ is the natural alternative to chemicals.