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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

20%Yield Increase Equals Huge Gain in Profits


$30 Investment Earns an Extra $10,000 Per Plant


One simple boost in plant health and yield should result in a huge increase in ROI. Strengthening your medical marijuana plants with Prolific Plant Probiotic (P3) will increase your yield exponentially. Look at the simple math:


  1. Improve your yield by an extra 2.083 pounds per plant
  2. You sell for $300 per ounce
  3. 33.33 ounces x $300 = $10,000.


Prolific Plant Probiotic is a Multiplier


Using P3 instead of, or in conjunction with, other non-chemical fertilizers and soil amendments will multiply the positive effects of those other amendments. How? Simply, the bacillus bacteria -- in strengths not equalled by any other product -- maximize the nutrient uptake by the plant, ensuring the absolute largest gain possible. Plus the Bacillus subtilis species in P3 produces metabolites that drive away antagonist fungus which attack the plant systemically and stunt the plant’s growth.  With P3, no fungus attack, no growth retardation!


P3 also features 91 trace minerals and 19 amino acids (proteins) rarely found in abundance in any soil. The friendly bacteria break down these compounds and assist in their uptake. Using P3 aggressively you are putting all three of these crucial amendments directly into the plant’s rhizosphere where none is wasted.


Dose Program for Medical Marijuana Plants


We recommend about 2.5 grams ( six to eight P3 pellets) to inoculate a tomato plant. But we also recommend the entire 3 oz. bottle for a medical marijuana plant. (Hey, tomatoes don’t sell for $300 per ounce!).


You can treat the plant early, at planting. Or in “middle age.”  Even 4 to 6 weeks before harvest. But sooner rather than later will provide optimal and visible results.


You simply push the P3 pellets into the soil within the circumference of an existing plant’s root ball. For root balls larger than a grapefruit, it’s advised you use a long stick and poke deep, 5-6” holes into the rootball, into which you can pour several pellets. Make sure the entire rootball is treated...about every 3 inches or so...both shallow and deep roots. This is why it’s easier to treat immature plants or at planting.


Within 3-5 weeks you should see superior performance, especially if you have an untreated control specimen. At harvest you can plan on seeing the increase in yield -- and return on investment -- quite clearly.