Grow amazing plants

Grow Amazing Plants!

P3  Prolific Plant ProbioticTM  is “The Natural Alternative to Chemical Fertilizers.”  Utilizing Bacillus microbes, P3 brings to the home gardener a 100% natural technology used for decades in commercial agriculture. Affordable and easy to use, P3 will help you grow stronger, heartier plants.

Your flowers will have more blooms. Your vegetables will yield more food. Fruit trees will bear more fruit. All of your plants treated with P3 will have developed more robust root ball structure.

On this Web site you’ll learn why P3 is more effective than chemical fertilizers, easier to use, and more cost effective, while also providing a better alternative to the significantly weaker mycorrhizae and Bacillus products offered by the big corporations...

It’s simple. P3 is vastly stronger and all natural.  And P3 is more cost effective. You should try P3 today.

Order a bottle today and receive it in a few short days.  If it’s winter, use it on your house plants. Click HERE, inquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call 952-210-7881.


Medical Marijuana

Moupiette Corp. passes no judgement on the individual use of Prolific Plant Probiotic. In many areas around the U.S. cannabis is being used for medical treatments, or it has been decriminalized or legalized. If you are interested in testimonials about superior development of trichs and nodes, please contact us by email or phone.